Specialty nc Lathe Processing Characteristics


Professional CNC lathe has been widely used in machining because of its advantages of high precision, high efficiency and adaptability to the processing of many kinds of complicated parts in small batch. In summary, CNC lathe processing has the following advantages.

(1) strong adaptability. Adaptability is the so-called flexibility, which is the adaptability of exponential control lathe to change with the change of production object. When changing the processing parts on the nc lathe, the new parts can be processed only by reprogramming and entering the new procedures. The hardware of the mechanical part and control part need not be changed, and the production process is completed automatically. This provides great convenience for the single part, small batch production of complex structural parts and the trial production of new products. Strong adaptability is the most prominent advantage of nc lathe and the main reason for its production and rapid development.

(2) high precision and stable quality. CNC lathes are processed according to the instructions given in digital form. Generally, no manual intervention is required in the working process, which eliminates the error caused by the operator. When designing and manufacturing CNC lathes, many measures have been taken to make the mechanical parts of CNC lathes reach high precision and rigidity. CNC lathe workbench mobile equivalent common reached 0.01 ~ 0.0001 mm, and the reverse feed transmission chain gap and the screw pitch error can compensate by numerical control device, such as high-grade CNC lathe using grating ruler to workbench mobile closed-loop control. The machining precision of nc lathe increased from + / - 0.01 mm to + / - 0.005mm or higher. The positioning accuracy reached + / - 0.002mm ~ + / - 0.005mm in the early and mid 1990s. In addition, the drive system and structure of CNC lathe have high rigidity and thermal stability. Through compensation technology, nc lathe can obtain higher precision than itself. In particular, it improves the consistency of the production of the same batch of parts, high qualified rate of products, and stable processing quality.

(3) high production efficiency. The time required for parts processing mainly consists of two parts: the motor time and the auxiliary time. The variation range of speed and feed quantity of main shaft of nc lathe is larger than that of ordinary machine tool, so the most favorable cutting quantity can be chosen for every process of nc lathe. Because the structure of nc lathe is rigid, it is allowed to carry out powerful cutting with large cutting amount, which improves the cutting efficiency of nc lathe and saves the maneuvering time. The moving parts of nc lathe move at a fast speed with a short clamping time, and the tool can be replaced automatically.

It is almost unnecessary to readjust the machine tool when replacing the processed parts of nc lathe, saving the time of installing and adjusting parts. The processing quality of nc lathe is stable, generally only the first part inspection and the sampling inspection of the key dimensions between the working procedures are carried out, so the downtime inspection is saved. When machining on the machine tool in the processing center, a machine tool realizes the continuous processing of multiple processes, and the improvement of production efficiency is more significant.

(4) professional CNC lathe can realize complex movement. It is difficult or impossible for ordinary machine tools to realize the movement of curves or surfaces with a trajectory of more than three times, such as propeller and turbine blades. CNC lathes can realize almost any trajectory of motion and machining any shape of the space surface, suitable for the processing of complex shaped parts.

(5) good economic benefits. Although the equipment of CNC lathes is expensive, the depreciation cost of equipment allocated to each part is high. However, in the case of single part and small batch production, the use of nc lathe processing can save the marking time, reduce the adjustment, processing and inspection time, and save the direct production cost. Nc lathe processing parts generally do not need to make special jig, saving the cost of process equipment. The machining precision of nc lathe is stable, which reduces the scrap rate and further reduces the production cost. In addition, the CNC lathe can realize one machine multi-purpose, saves the workshop area and the factory construction investment. Therefore, the use of CNC lathes can obtain good economic benefits.

(6) conducive to the modernization of production management. Numerical control lathe using digital information and standard code processing, transfer information, especially on CNC lathe using computer control, for the computer aided design, manufacturing and management integration laid the foundation.