Comparison Between Hand-Held and Automatic Screws


The hand-held screw locking machine is mainly arranged by the feeding system and distributed screws through the distributor. The screws are sent to the nozzle by the pipe. It consists of two parts: electric or pneumatic screwdriver to lock the screw into the locking system of the product. Relative to the screw in each hand, in one hand and electric batch or air lock screw motion, automatic lock screw feeding machine can liberate a hand, just filed a screwdriver with one hand on the screw hole position lock screw. When after locking the screws are just filed a screwdriver on a screw hole under a lock screw, the machine automatically at the instant of the filed a screwdriver can be driven by a screw conveyor to the driver to wait for a lock screw you, repeat. Disadvantages of hand-held locking screws:
1, Screws under M2 cannot be completed;
2, The screws with the gasket cannot be completed by the hand-held semi-automatic screwdriver;
3, When the screw tooth length is less than or equal to the screw head diameter, it cannot be completed;
4, When the screw sinking hole exceeds 2MM, the length of the screw shall be considered;
5, 10 torque above the screw selection wind batch, wind batch heavy, manual beating will be very tired;

Automatic locking screw machine only need to put each part of the products in their respective feeding plate, hand press switch starting pressure plate type, buckle trigger pull toward their own direction, and then switch opens "ON" to start the motor running, start operation lock screw. When the screw lock exceeds the set torque, the clutch will automatically slip, the starter will stop rotating, and the machine will automatically assemble and lock all parts. And then it goes to the finished product box. We only need to add the materials when there is a shortage of materials, and change the frames when the finished products are full, which saves a lot of manpower. Advantages of automatic screw locking machine:
Automatic locking screw machine is divided into desktop type, on-line type, multi-axis type and other mechanical equipment.
1, The screws below M2 can be completed by vacuum suction or magnetic suction transport.
2, The screws with gaskets can be completed by an automatic screw locking machine, which requires the proper screw machine to be selected according to the screws and products.
3, When the screw tooth length is less than or equal to the screw head diameter, vacuum suction or magnetic suction transportation can be adopted to complete the screw tooth length.
4, The depth of the screw sinking hole shall not exceed 40mm, but it shall depend on the diameter and degree of the screw and head.
5, The screws with more than 10 torsion are selected from wind batch. If automatic screw locking machine is selected, the manual lock will be heavy and heavy.
6, Manual loading and unloading, no manual operation is required, and the automatic locking and paying screw process is completed. For example, the multi-power batch method is adopted to lock the screw, which is several times higher than the hand-held semi-automatic method.

7, Its on-line automatic screw locking machine is designed to automatically complete the screw locking process in cooperation with the production line to set the locking position.